Make your own Shrovetide rod

We’ve filled our atmospheric Renaissance room with lots of materials, so it’s just a matter of getting started.
While you snow and decorate, museum curator Maria Østerby Elleby tells about the many Shrovetide traditions in Denmark.

The rod was once a means of punishment: buttocks and shoulders were whipped with a bundle of brushwood, but in the 18th century it became popular to use the rod in a more festive way: Shrovetide celebrations!

Here it became a tradition that you had to “wake up” each other in the morning with a round of good-natured beating with rice and that the “beaten one” should now deliver breakfast, preferably delicious wheat rolls, for the actor.

The Shrovetide rod is traditionally decorated with paper flowers, crepe paper, storks and cats – and recently also with sweets!

Practical information

LanguageDanish, English, gestures and good humor
DatesWednesday 15 February and Friday 17 February
Time11am - 2pm
PriceDKK 40,-
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