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Welcome to HEX! Museum of Witch Hunt

WHEN PEOPLE FEAR PEOPLE The museum tells a frightening story of how the fear of witches swept across Denmark and Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries – a fear that led to witch trials and gruesome consequences.

Ribe was a major centre for Denmark’s witch trials. Indeed, the streets around HEX! Museum of Witch Hunt formed the setting for the most famous case in Denmark: the trial of Maren Spliids, a tailor’s wife who was burned as a witch in 1641.

Some of those buildings still exist, creating an authentic environment for the museum’s compelling story.

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"Every town has its witch"

Special exhibition

Experience two local art groups’ interpretation of “witch hunt”.

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You can buy your ticket in advance. We also offer group tickets. Tickets can also be bought in the shop.

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Two museums, one ticket

The HEX! Museum of Witch Hunt building also houses the Jacob A. Riis Museum, which tells the the fascinating story of the Ribe boy who emigrated to America in 1870. We have made a combined ticket for admission to both HEX! and the Jacob A. Riis Museum.

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Plan your visit

Look forward to visiting HEX! Museum of Witch Hunt. The stories of witch persecution and witch trials in Denmark and Europe are fascinating and cruel at the same time.

The stories are not suitable for young children and our guidance is that children should be 10 years or older.

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Book a guide

Our skilled guides are happy to take you on a trip through the history of Jacob A. Riis. There are several options and we are also happy to put together a special program for you.

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In our nice, little shop you can make your own amulet, find applied art with a historical twist, books, posters, hand-dipped candles, mineral soaps and countless fun little things.

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