Frequently asked questions

Is the museum child-friendly?

Children are different but be aware that our museum concerns witch hunting and a brutal period in our history. Our exhibitions are dark and filled with strange noises but many children have nevertheless enjoyed a positive experience from the museum.

Our recommendation is that the museum is unsuitable for children under ten years of age, but you know your child best.

Can I bring my dog to the museum?

If your dog is small enough for you to carry it throughout your visit, you are welcome to bring it to the museum. Larger dogs are not allowed.

Guide and assistance dogs are of course always welcome in the museum.

Do you have to book ahead?

We do not require advance booking but we are very happy to be given advance notification if you are planning a visit with a school class or large group.

Is there wheelchair access?

The museum is housed on the first and second floors of old, listed buildings. Unfortunately, this makes wheelchair access difficult. Owing to the limited access,wheelchair users are admitted free of charge. We accept companion cards.

The conservation authorities gave us permission to install a small lift inside the building. This provides some wheelchair users with access to the greater part of the first floor.

The lift is too small for some wheelchairs. The lift measures 111 x 104 cm.We regret that not everyone will be able to visit HEX!

For this reason, we are working on a virtual visit that can be used by everyone.

Can I use my own earphones for the museum’s audio guides?

By all means use your own headphones for our audio guides. Note that they will need a mini-jack (round).

Can the museum’s audio guides be connected to a hearing aid?

Unfortunately not. Expect our audio guides to have a volume similar to a normal telephone.

Is there a locked wardrobe?

HEX! has lockable storage boxes with an electric socket in each box. The boxes require a returnable 10 kr coin but if you do not have any coins on you, you can borrow a token in the shop.

Can I eat my packed lunch at the museum?

Unfortunately we can not offer dining space to our guests. In some cases though we can find space for groups where they can eat their packed lunch, so if you come with a group, we recommend that you write to us and ask about the options.

Can I buy exciting witch-related objects at the museum?

Yes. The museum shop has a host of goods and historical books relating to witch hunting.

The musem shop at HEX!
Can I charge my cell phone or computer at the museum?

Yes! The lockable storage boxes at HEX! all contain an electric socket so you can easily charge your phone or other unit while you are visiting the museum. The boxes require a returnable 10 kr coin but if you do not have any coins on you, you can borrow a token in the shop.

Where can I park?

We usually recommend 2-hour parking at St. Catherine’s Church or 4-hour parking at Danhostel.

For up-to-date information about parking options, contact Destination Vadehavskysten.

Map: parking options in Ribe
Can you help me with my assignment?

Before contacting us, make sure to click your way through menu item VIDEN. There, we have gathered loads of information about witch hunts and historical views on witches and sorcerers. You will also find links to our podcast and other releases. We hope that will help you.

Are there any Corona/Covid 19 restrictionsat the museum?


What else is there to do in the area?

The Wadden Sea area is full of exciting attractions and stunning nature. Get an overview of it all on Destination Vadehavskysten’s websiteExperiences by the Wadden Sea

Experiences by the Wadden Sea

Is there anything else you would like to ask about?

Write to us a  …and we will do our best to give you an answer.